The Wylie Mitchell Hall hosted a flea market over the weekend, which brought in proceeds for the South East Military Museum.

Museum president Craig Bird said the Saturday fundraiser attracted a good number of people.

"We had just under 400 people come through the doors for the day, and I think most of the vendors said they had a good response and sold some things," Bird said. "It worked out really well...we haven't had a flea market in Estevan for probably the last four or five years. And I think people are interested in that sort of thing and want to get rid of some stuff."

Bird said there were several items for sale, including tools, antiques, Tupperware, and baking.

"I think it was a good success. We made just over one thousand dollars," he said.

Bird also touched on some of the museum initiatives that the money will help with.

"The museum's had a bunch of projects this year. We did a Vimy presentation in the spring, I did a World War II Dieppe presentation here over the course of the summer," Bird said. "We took on the cenotaph restoration project over the course of the spring and summer. And just doing some upgrades to the museum. We finished off our display case that we have in the legion hall that's on the stage in the small hall."

"Just upgrading some of the equipment that we have," he continued. "We got a new computer for the museum so that we're able to do some more research into veterans and archive a bunch of antique documents and military records and that sort of thing because we need the archival space to be able to do that."

Bird added that the museum is now working on expanding its banner project, which honours veterans through banners put up on streets in various communities across the south east.

He said organizers are already planning to have another flea market next year, and it could become an annual event.