Fog advisories could continue this week thanks to warmer-than-normal weather sticking around the southeast.

Environment Canada is warning that visibility could be heavily affected and is advising to travel cautiously in the coming days.

"It's been lingering around for a few days and that has to do with the very mild air that's causing all the melting," said Environment Canada meteorologist Terri Lang. "So lots of low-level moisture put into the lower part of the atmosphere from all the melting and the slightly cooler air coming in over top of that melting, so that's what happens to create the fog."

The province's Highway Hotline reported reduced visibility in parts of the southeast Monday morning. Some icy and slippery sections were still being reported a little after 10 a.m.

Highs in the positives are forecast Monday through Wednesday, though the mercury isn't currently expected to get above zero on Thursday or Friday.

"Once the temperatures start moderating a little bit, like start going below freezing, that's when it should taper off," Lang said. "So I think there's probably a couple more days in and out of the soup.

"Sometimes the visibility will improve a little bit and they'll end (the fog advisory) and then the visibility will go down again and they'll issue it again. So that's probably going to be on and off for the next couple of days."