UPDATE: An update shortly after 11 a.m. on the Highway Hotline states visibility is good again on highways in the Estevan area.

The latest road report does say you could run into some icy or slippery sections northwest of Weyburn.

You can find the most-recent conditions 24-7 here.

Fog has descended upon the Estevan area, and the Highway Hotline is saying you won't be able to see as far ahead of you on some highways in the region.

Updates just shortly before 9 Friday morning said Highway 47 from Estevan through Stoughton has reduced visibility, along with Highway 18 east of Estevan, and Highway 361 going through Lampman.

Updates from the same time say visibility is fine on Highway 39 to Weyburn and 18 west of Estevan.

You can see the latest road conditions by following this link.

The forecast calls for the fog to lift during the morning.