A changing of roles, a lunch, and a guest speaker were all at the annual general meeting for the Estevan Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday.

Their guest was Chris Adair from MNP he shared how businesses can use the Canadian Digital Adoption Program for their benefit.

He was able to attend in person, along with the rest of the crowd, for the first time in a while.

Sheena Onrait, who was named as incoming president at the meeting, says that it was great to sit down with people at the meeting.

"This was our first in-person AGM in the past few years and we were very excited to see everyone come out and participate in the AGM. We had a wonderful meal followed by a great presenter who presented on a government program. We wrapped up in enough time to get everyone back to the workplace.

As Onrait moves from her previous vice-president position into the presidency, she says she's happy to keep working with the staff.

"It's a great opportunity for myself to continue the great work that the Chamber has started and the Chamber does every single year. We have a wonderful, amazing staff who works tirelessly for the businesses in southeast Saskatchewan and in Estevan. They just do a fantastic job and I look forward to being a bigger part of that over the next year."

While there might be some nervousness headed into 2023, Onrait says businesses can depend on the Chamber to give them the best guidance possible.

"I think there's still a little level of uncertainty, especially in Estevan here. That being said, I know that in working with our local economic development group, in working with the local Chamber of Commerce, and work that [Executive Director] Jackie Wall does for advocacy on behalf of the businesses in Estevan, I know that they're making great strides to generate interest in Estevan and generate interest for businesses to come to Estevan."