Hazel, also known as Hazel Bug, is a charming and playful 5-month-old puppy who has captured the hearts of many. She was discovered in a box on the side of the highway with her brother, but her luck changed when she was rescued and then adopted by her owner, Chastity.

Hazel is a gentle yet spirited girl who loves to jump and play. She is also known to climb a tree from time to time to catch a bird. As a puppy, she is still in the process of learning, but training is going well, albeit slowly. Nonetheless, her delightful personality makes up for any hiccups in her training.

As the February Perfect Pet Winner, Hazel will receive a $50 gift certificate to All Creatures and a $50 gift certificate to Rodeo Dawg in Estevan.

Congratulations Hazel!

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