May is National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month, and the City of Estevan is rallying together to make a difference.

With the upcoming Estevan Walk to Make CF History just around the corner, coordinator Kasey McIntyre is leading a passionate team of 11 committee members to raise funds and awareness for this important cause.

The community has been actively supporting the fight against cystic fibrosis. Earlier in May, a city-wide lemonade sale was held, raising an impressive $815 in support of the Walk. This successful event serves as a testament to the community's dedication and generosity.

Building upon this momentum, a special BBQ will be held on Saturday, May 20 from 11 AM to 2 PM at the Southern Plains Co-op in Estevan. This pre-walk gathering offers an opportunity for people to come together, enjoy delicious food, and support the cause. All donations collected during the BBQ will contribute to the Walk to Make CF History.

"If people can't make the walk, or if they haven't had a chance to donate, this is a nice way for them to still be a part of the day," explained Kasey McIntyre, the coordinator for the event. "They can come down and have a burger and a drink or a hot dog and a drink and just say hi and learn a little bit about cystic fibrosis."

The Estevan Walk to Make CF History is scheduled for Sunday, May 28 at the Rotary Hall in Woodlawn Regional Park. The event is designed to raise awareness and funds for cystic fibrosis research, with the theme "Further for All."

Cystic fibrosis is a rare, genetically inherited disease that primarily affects children and young adults, making it the most common fatal disease in this age group. Despite recent advancements in treatment, not all individuals have access to life-changing medications. McIntyre emphasized the importance of this year's fundraising efforts, "Even with the latest advancements that have come along, these life-changing medicines don't work for everyone. We want to change this, where our funds raised this year for the walk help research breakthrough possibilities for all people with cystic fibrosis so they too can live longer and fuller lives."

McIntyre has a personal connection to cystic fibrosis, as her son, Liam McIntyre, was diagnosed with CF at a very young age. Determined to make a difference, she has become actively involved in the community and has dedicated herself to the cause of making CF history. "Our son, Liam McIntyre, was diagnosed through newborn screening," McIntyre shared. "We decided ever since then to be active in the community, and it's actually brought such a journey in our life that you can't expect to take, and he is our tour guide, and we just follow him on his journey and do the best we can. Instead of doing nothing, I believe in doing everything possible that I can do to make CF history."

The walk offers participants the choice between a 2-kilometre or 4-kilometre route, symbolizing the theme of going "Further for All." It kicks off at 8 AM with a light breakfast following registration, along with opening ceremonies. The walk itself allows participants to enjoy the scenic route while raising awareness and showing solidarity. Upon completing the walk, participants will be treated to a BBQ lunch sponsored by No Frills, offering registered walkers another complimentary meal. Raffles with exciting prizes and engaging activities for children will also be available, making it a day filled with fun and community spirit.

Online registration for the walk will close on May 26th, but individuals can still register in person on the day of the event. Participants are encouraged to create accounts and continue seeking pledges and support beyond the registration deadline.

By coming together, the community of Estevan is united in their determination to make a lasting impact on the fight against cystic fibrosis. The combined efforts of the lemonade sale, the upcoming BBQ, and the upcoming Walk to Make CF History demonstrate their commitment to raising awareness, funding research, and improving the lives of those affected by this challenging disease.