As we've welcomed the crisp days of November, the Perfect Pet Contest continues to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary bonds between pets and their owners. 

Against the backdrop of autumn leaves and cozy evenings, the November Perfect Pet Contest submissions embody the warmth and love that pets bring into our lives. From playful pups to serene cats, each entry tells a unique tale of the special connection between humans and their furry friends.

Join us in celebrating these heartwarming submissions, as we showcase the diverse and lovable pets that make our community brighter.

Miyah (left) Odin (right)

Miyah (left) Odin (right)Miyah the German shepherd and Odin the staffy mix are two goofball dogs who love treats and squeaky toys. This is probably the best costume I have made them.

Koda & Keya

Koda & KeyaHow much are those doggies in the window? Koda is an American Eskimo who always comes to greet Gramma to see what treats she’s brought. Keya is Gramma’s Pomeranian and Koda’s little buddy.


Axel4-month-old puppy. Full of energy and loves his snuggles.


BusterWe got buster a month ago as he needed to be re-homed. He loves going towing and hanging around the shop playing all day.

Gizmo and Blue

Gizmo and BlueGizmo is our big orange fuzzy butt and Blue is the baby beside him. This was their first day together. Both were rescues. They are sweet and lovey, love their midnight pets and snuggles.


GabbieGabbie is a full blown Yorkie, she's 10 now but still has plenty of get up and go, never a dull moment when she's around, she's full of love and adventure, she's affectionate and adorable, loves to cuddle and be there, she is the perfect pet.


CletusCletus has proven to be the best pet ever. Rescued at age 4 months..he has grown into a 3-year-old cat that acts like a dog. He enjoys vehicle rides, treats, being with his humans no matter what they are doing.. with us at meals, sleep partner & bathtub watcher.. the first to sit on the ATVs when it's time to ride.


GunnerGunner is a male shih tzu age 6. He’s my baby and I love him very much. This photo was taken when he was a puppy.

Gunner - OMG back to back Gunners!!!

GunnerGunner just had his first birthday. He is half miniature poodle half Shih Tzu. He is mischievous, playful, and has just learned to walk on the treadmill. He always has to be close to someone, loves snuggles, and treats, and wants to be friends with all animals and people. He is playful, clumsy, and talks a lot!


LewieI mean where do I even begin. Typical answer to this question would be he’s an adorable little fluff ball. He’s far from perfect but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


ToochinsToochins is a Himalayan/rag doll, he is very friendly and is more dog-like as he needs human attention more than your average kitty, super loving and cuddly lap cat????


ArnieArnie is a 1-year-old Border X cross adopted from Bright Eyes. He has a pile of energy - he loves playing fetch & going for walks! He loves playing in the snow! He is a super cuddly boy.


RoxyShe is a 7-year-old German shepherd that loves to play ball, hang out in the pool, and spend her days lounging on the couch. She loves walks and playing with her friends at the park. Her favorite thing to do is go for car rides and people-watch. On rainy/ snowy days she likes to sit on the covered deck and watch the weather change. She is extremely spoiled and is the boss of the house. Anything she wants she gets!!!


DixieDixie is a 10-year-old terrier mix. She is spoiled rotten and loves snuggles.

Avon Barksdale

Avon BarksdaleAvon is a crazy & cute 9-month-old fluff ball Sheepadoodle!


ZeusHello, meet Zeus a 1-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier. He is a very photogenic & polite puppy. He loves being around his family & soaking up the sun every chance he gets. He loves to cuddle and get belly scratches. He always has to be around his little babies, Jayce & Evelyn. He can't get enough of them, he loves to pull them on their sleds during winter. In the summer he spends his weekends out at the cabin soaking up the sun & playing at the beach with his friends Hank & Macy. He loves meeting new people and loves getting all the good boy pets from strangers. He is a great dog with the best personality ever.


TucoTuco is an energetic 20-week-old puppy. He loves to play with his human sisters and really likes his belly rubs. Some of Tucos favourite things are playing fetch, going for walks, and most importantly having all the naps he can.


	ChewyChewy is a fun-loving 5 month old French Bulldog/pug cross. He loves to go for walks and chase his human brother around. Many naps after a hard chase is always needed. He loves to chew on his stuffed animals and thick bones. Snuggles are always wanted.


BaileyHi there,  I will attach a picture for your contest for a chance to win a gift card from All Creatures and Rodeo Dawg   My husband Ross and I went for a drive in our democrat buggy using our horses Buck and Lady.  Ross decided to invite our dog Bailey to come along.  She truly enjoyed joining us on our Sunday afternoon ride!! Bailey is a very active dog, and loves playing and running around our acreage. She loves running along with us when we ride our horses, but this was the first time that she decided that it's OK to take a break and actually have a relaxing ride!! Hopefully this will be the winning picture!! Thank you!  Lee & Ross Schnell

As we immerse ourselves in the autumnal charm of November, the Perfect Pet Contest has brought forth a delightful array of pet companions. From playful antics to heartwarming moments, each submission reflects the special bond between humans and their furry friends.

Stay tuned to for the grand reveal of the November Perfect Pet Contest winner. Dawn Klassen from All Creatures will announce the winner on Tuesday, November 28, during the 8 AM hour. The winner will receive $50 gift cards to both All Creatures and Rodeo Dawg.

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