Many Canadians are looking forward to traveling this weekend to be with family for thanksgiving.

But anyone looking to drive to meet family may encounter some sticker shock once they reach a gas station to fill up.

Gas prices across Saskatchewan and Canada have been explosively rising, as an international energy resource shortage is causing crises in many regions of the world.

While Canada is unlikely to be put in a crisis anytime soon, it's still seeing its fair share of troubles, according to Canadians For Affordable Energy President Dan McTeague.

"We're seeing near-record prices all throughout North America," said McTeague," We're not exempt from this anywhere here in Saskatchewan so prices have jumped up to $1.39, $1.42, so really a sign of things to come for oil prices moving up to the $80 range, Canadian select oil moving up towards $83 a barrel."

"It's really a reflection of what's happened globally, and that's a shortage of energy products and a surging demand that makes a perfect storm for consumers. Of course, this isn't about to end anytime soon, we're lucky to look at higher prices continuing over the next year or so."

While plenty of gas will be used transporting people to and from turkey dinners this weekend, McTeague says he doubts it'll have an effect on any local prices.

"It probably won't have much of an effect, and the increase certainly has little to do with thanksgiving long weekend so for that reason," said McTeague," It's more of a reflection of well past this weekend prices are going to remain high."

Gasoline isn't the only thing being affected by this change - other fuels important to Southeastern Saskatchewan are also seeing an increase, such as diesel, natural gas, and coal.

"Most importantly, here in the west, Saskatchewan diesel prices, which haven't been anywhere near where they're likely to be over the next several months, including propane and of course natural gas prices, though natural gas is hedged by the province so we get a bit of a break there," said McTeague," In most other jurisdictions across the world natural gas, heating oil, diesel, are making a massive increase in prices never seen before.'

"The price of thermal coal is going up. It's actually doubled on international markets. so that, in turn, could make for quite a challenge on electricity prices."