Renowned musician Jack Garton is set to grace the stage of the Estevan Legion this Friday, March 22, at 7:30 PM, promising a night of diverse musical delights. With his latest album, "Original Skin," receiving acclaim for its stylistic range and captivating storytelling, anticipation for his live performance is high.

Garton, accompanied by his ensemble of exceptionally talented musicians, will be wowing audiences across Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, and British Columbia. Describing his bandmates as not just collaborators but friends who make performing a joy, Garton expresses his excitement for the dynamic energy they bring to the stage.

"We have a really special connection," Garton says, reflecting on their camaraderie. "We're all from Vancouver originally, and they are just killer musicians. It's the kind of show that if people want to dance, it's very dancy. The rhythm section is super groovy."

As Garton and his band journey from town to town, they relish the opportunity to immerse themselves in new communities and experiences. "There's always something beautiful going on at home that you don't want to miss, but there is a call to adventure, especially in the springtime," Garton shares. "I just feel like I want to hit the road and see new things."

Garton's musical journey began at a young age with guitar lessons, eventually leading him to explore other instruments like the trumpet and accordion. While he primarily writes songs on the guitar, his comfort on the accordion shines through in his performances. "At one point I realized, maybe seven or eight years ago, I'm most comfortable on the accordion," he reflects. "It feels like an extension of me."

Despite the challenges of being on the road, Garton remains passionate about sharing his music with audiences far and wide. "I love driving down the highway, just to see what's there," he says. "And I can't wait to bring our music to Estevan. We've got so many things to offer musically."

As the concert date approaches, Garton extends a warm invitation to all music enthusiasts, expressing his eagerness to share the stage with his band and showcase the diverse range of musical offerings they have in store. "I hope everyone comes out and enjoys the show."

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