The St. Joseph’s Hospital Local Advisory Board has announced that Greg Hoffort will be retiring from his position as Executive Director of St. Joseph’s Hospital effective Spring 2023.

Hoffort has served as Executive Director of the hospital since October 2011.

“Greg’s exemplary leadership skills have guided and overseen much change and growth in the operations and services delivered by St. Joe’s to the communities it serves. He has navigated the change from a local board to a local advisory council under the sponsorship of Emmanuel Health of Saskatchewan”, said Don Kindopp, Chair of Local Council at St. Joseph's Hospital of Estevan.

Throughout his tenure, St. Joseph's Hospital says that Hoffort saw the revitalization of the Addiction Recovery Centre, STARS air ambulance helipad, CT Scanner services as well as several other major capital upgrades.

“Greg brought many skills and a positive attitude to St. Joseph’s leadership. He was passionate about the quality of care delivered to patients. He was supportive of all staff and services within the hospital. He was, and is, a strong advocate of St. Joe’s with the former Sun Country Health Region, the present Saskatchewan Health Authority, and with Saskatchewan Ministry of Health. I express my deepest appreciation, and that of the Local Council, for all his hard work and dedication to make St. Joe’s what it is today”, said Kindopp.

Emmanuel Health of Saskatchewan will begin the process of finding a replacement for Hoffort immediately with the transition to new management slated for early 2023.