Provincially, 90 per cent of the crop is in the bin.

That's up from 81 per cent last week, and well ahead of the five-year average of 82 per cent. 

Crops Extension Specialist Matt Struthers says another week to ten days of good weather and everything should be complete. 

Harvest is virtually complete in the southwest and west-central regions other than a few flax fields, which will likely occur after the next killing frost. 

Farmers in the northwest have 94 per cent of the crop in, 87 per cent is done in the northeast, 86 per cent in the southeast, and 81 per cent in the east central part of the province. 

Heavy fog and dew in the mornings are pushing harvest activities into the afternoon. 

High humidity in many parts of the southeast, east-central and northeast has led to grain coming off with a higher moisture content meaning producers will have to dry the grain in order to store it properly. 

Crop progress provincially shows harvest of lentils and field peas has finished, with 98 per cent of durum, 97 per cent of chickpeas, 93 per cent of spring wheat, 90 per cent of barley, 82 per cent of canola and 66 per cent of flax now completed. 

Limited moisture throughout much of the harvest season has allowed crop quality to remain high, especially Hard Red Spring Wheat which is being reported as 75 per cent 1CW, 23 per cent 2CW and two per cent 3CW. The ten-year average for Hard Red Spring Wheat is 39 per cent 1CW, 35 per cent 2CW, 17 per cent 3CW and nine per cent 4CW/feed. 

The latest crop report also shows that all areas of the province are reporting that they are either extremely dry or becoming drier each week.  

This includes the southeast and east-central regions, which started the season with an abundance of moisture. 

The full crop report is available here.