Take a drive to Weyburn Golf Club and you'll see first hand the kind of legacy that Graham DeLaet has left behind.

You'll be greeted by a small brick wall attached to a gate with "Graham DeLaet Drive" engraved on it as you make your way down the road to the club house.

In Estevan, DeLaet is getting similar treatment after the Weyburn native just recently announced his retirement from the PGA Tour after ongoing back issues.

"There's a kid that came from southeast Saskatchewan...playing on the PGA Tour," mused Amanda Minchin, the head professional and general manager at Woodlawn Golf Club who also happened to play with DeLaet in their high school days. "I'm proud of all of our Canadian pros, but sometimes Saskatchewan gets forgotten about. He put us on the map and he's going to continue to do that whatever he chooses to do here after his playing days are done."

Minchin added that DeLaet was a bit of a late bloomer of sorts. 

"He was a great junior player, but he excelled once he got to university," Minchin said. "He even took a year off after high school and then he really stepped on the throat if you want to call it that. It goes to that old saying that you don't have to be the superstar when you're 13 14 right? He's proven that."

"Look up his stats. I mean he made a ton of money. He played really consistently and really well for a long time."

The 40-year-old DaLaet turned pro in 2007 and won four professional tournaments from 2008-2009, including three on the Canadian Tour. He reportedly earned more than $11 million over his career.

DaLaet, who now lives in Idaho with his family, also represented Canada at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Graham DeLaet DriveGraham DeLaet with his wife Ruby on Graham DeLaet Drive at the Weyburn Golf Club. (File photo)

"He was just kind of like us, you know he's a small town guy. He went to the golf course every day...loved playing golf," said Jace Carlisle, who is from Estevan and now plays U.S. college golf in Connecticut. "He just inspired a lot of people from Saskatchewan. I think you see it now...there's a lot of guys that I grew up with playing golf and doing that now that are starting to turn pro."

Carlisle won the Graham DeLaet Scholarship in 2020, the highest valued scholarship that Golf Saskatchewan gives out.

"He had a lot of influence on me. I've never personally met him but hopefully one day I'll get to," Carlisle said. "Being from small town Saskatchewan...giving you hope that you can still make it even though you didn't have all the warm weather and all that like the guys get down south all the time."

"It's just good to see someone from small town Saskatchewan get a chance to be something big and it's just great that it came from somewhere so close to us," he added.

Minchin also spoke highly of DaLaet's character.

"He's just a great ambassador," Minchin said. "He's just so humble and he's raising a family and you know he's just a normal guy. Because he's so humble I think sometimes we forget 'hey we've got a PGA Tour guy that's from Weyburn.' I think sometimes we forget that."

"It just goes to show you it doesn't matter where you come from, how small, the area you're at...you can do whatever you want to do and he's proof of that."