Over the course of Friday and today senior and junior curlers hit the ice for one of the first trials of mixed doubles curling. 

The Junior winners were a team from Lampman. Estevan had a heartbreaking loss but they curled really well.

On the Senior side, they had to do a last stone draw to determine first, second, and third since there was a three-way tie for first place.

Team Renkas/Keating won the draw by one inch to place first. They then played a team from Radville but lost to them.

Team Bohlken/Carlson played the other Radville team in the semi-finals but lost as well.

Both Radville teams went on to play the finals and team Cherpin/Willimburg won the championship.

Pauline Ziehlgrimsrud who is the manager of the curling club said the weekend was a lot of fun.

"It is a new discipline for high school curling and we had a really good time. There was a great group of kids out here and they curled really well. A  lot of learning went on. I am really excited that this is going to be part of the program for high school curling in upcoming seasons."

Next weekend is the senior mixed districts.