The Estevan Bruins and Weyburn Red Wings will play the final installment of the Highway 39 rivalry this Saturday night at Crescent Point Place, and the Highway 39 Cup will be on the line.

Weyburn currently leads the season series 3-2, but the Bruins also have an overtime loss, which gives them five points against the Wings, while Weyburn has six points in the bank against Estevan. 

Estevan Police Chief Rich Lowen and Weyburn Police Chief Jamie Blunden have a fun bet riding on the outcome of Saturday' game.

If the Bruins lose on Saturday, Lowen will have to wear a Red Wings jersey to work. If the Bruins win the game and whatever tiebreaker is used, Blunden will have to don a Bruins jersey for a second straight year, after Estevan dominated the season series last year and brought home the cup.

The friendly police chief competition, known this year as the Chief's Cup, is likely of little significance to Jason Tatarnic's Bruins, who are probably more concerned with who they will match up against in the first round of the SJHL playoffs, which begin next Friday March 17.

But as always, bragging rights are on the line for the two communities embroiled in the Highway 39 rivalry.