Highway crews are readying themselves ahead of another large storm which is likely to clog roads with snow over the weekend.

That system is set to dump at least 20 cm of snow on Saturday and with gusts picking up drifts could end up blocking highways during that storm.

Crews will need to be ready to respond to the snow-covered roads. That's especially true for the areas around the Manitoba border, which are forecasted to be hit especially hard.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Highways Steve Shaheen says that they're plenty prepared for the upcoming storm.

"A full complement of equipment and operators are ready for whatever we encounter over the next few days. Keep in mind that crews do their best to keep traffic moving, but at the end of the day it's really nature's call."

Overall, they have about 35 staff available in the southeast and 26 plows and six graders to deal with the potential storm system weather event. Additionally, there are contractors available to assist during the storm.

Shaheen says the southeast will be well served by the current highway crew. He also stresses patience as they may not be cleared right away.

"We do have a number of equipment and operators for that particular area. Crews have learned to pivot really well between spring and winter maintenance, and they've had plenty of practice this season. We urge drivers to be patient, the real progress begins after a storm has passed."

That progress may be slow on some out-of-the-way roads, as the crews will operate based on usage.

"Crews do operate on a level of service basis," said Shaheen, "Which means that highways are typically attended to first. We encourage travelers to check the forecast and include the hotline in their travel plans and keep in mind once again that conditions can change rapidly, so check back often."

You can keep an eye on the Highway Hotline here at Discover Estevan on our Road Reports and Cancellations page.