As the St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation's Festival of Trees continues, they held an event on Sunday centered around a day of fun for children.

That was the Hometown Family Fun Day, which included some businesses and organizations around Estevan opening up their facilities for families to try out.

Included in the events were a family swim, a family skate, the Energy Outlet play zone being opened, and a pair of free movies and popcorn at the Orpheum Theatre.

SJHF Executive director Breanne Van De Woestyne says that the businesses were thrilled to show off some of what they can do for local families.

"Businesses were really excited to be a part of this day, and again just to feature some of the attractions that Estevan has to have for these families," said Woestyne, "We have a movie theater, an indoor play zone, a pool, and a skating rink. There's so much for families to take in and just celebrate the holiday season in support of our hospital."

Woestyne says that she's gotten a lot of glowing feedback on the day from some of the parents who were involved.

"We've gotten so many great reviews, people are just really excited to have the opportunity to do so many activities in one day with their families and take part in so many things that they may not do on a daily basis," said Woestyne, "So we've had great reviews, people are really excited for the day and we'll definitely do it again next year."

Some of the events also had an option to donate money to the foundation, and Woestyne said that those donations are greatly appreciated.

"People were very, very generous when they came," said Woestyne, "The most important part of that day was to have a community day, partner with our sponsors, and celebrate the businesses that give to us all year round. To have the donation aspect come around was really exciting for us and those funds will be gratefully used within our hospital."

While the Hometown Family Fun Day has ended, the Festival of Trees that it accompanied is still ongoing, with a silent auction, raffle sweepstakes, and plenty of other attractions going on until the 25th at the Estevan Market Mall.