Redvers town council was held last night with the highlight being the Hometown History Project and the Homecoming Weekend.  

The Homecoming Weekend event is in its planning stages explained Chief Administrative Officer, Tricia Pickard. 

“We’re trying to collaborate with a whole bunch of organizations and committees and throw a three-day event and have it as an annual.”  

The Redvers District Lions donated $20,000 to the Hometown History project.  

“That is going to be for an accessible picnic table, three benches, some pet waste stations and some cement at one of our parks,” said Pickard.  

The Hometown History Project is ongoing and will highlight accomplishments throughout the town. 

The Redvers Wildlife federation also donated a bench and trash can through that program. 

The recreation board applied for a development permit with the plan to add a playground to the ball concession area.  

“They were looking for approval from the town because it’s town-owned property,” said Pickard.  

The permit was approved, and the rec board will be applying for a grant through Co-op community spaces. If a grant is received, they will be able to go ahead with the project.  

The council continued to work on streamlining its internal policies.  

“We’ve been working hard the last little bit to really have some guidance, for our municipality and our internal operations,” said Pickard.  

Pickard said they are also applying for the Earth Day Electric Vehicle charger grant to add two chargers in Redvers.  

She noted that the community also received a quarterly community policing report from RCMP staff sergeant Micheal Shorthand.  

“We are very happy with the RCMP and their patrol and their goals, "said Pickard.  

One of the other agenda items was the installation of Livebarn, which would involve the installation of a camera directed at the ice in the arena. Users would then be able to log in and stream the event remotely.  

“They have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription and then they can watch their kids or grandkids or whoever play hockey or figure skate,” said Pickard  

The decision on whether to fully utilize this service has not been made yet, as the recreation center will need to negotiate with Livebarn.