With a tornado watch issued for the southeast, people are being asked to keep their eyes out for any possible funnel clouds and toorndaoes.

Estevan's Safety Coordinator Helen Fornwald talks about what a tornado watch means.

"A tornado watch means that the weather could develop a tornado and the warning means a tornado has been seen or is very likely one that can develop."

Fornwald describes some of the weather events that might precede a tornado.

"So some warning signs are severe thunderstorms with frequent thunder and lightning, and extremely dark skies, sometimes highlighted by green or yellow clouds of rumbling sound such as a freight train or a whistle sound similar to a jet aircraft and a funnel cloud at the rear of a thunder cloud, often behind a curtain of heavy rain or hail."

If a tornado does hit nearby, there are a number of actions people should take to avoid danger.

"If you're near a building, listen to your local radio station during the severe thunderstorms. If a tornado warning has been issued, take cover immediately. Go to the basement or take shelter in a small interior ground floor, room closet, or hallway. Protect yourself by sitting under a heavy table or desk."

"Stay away from windows and outside walls and doors. Do not use elevators. Avoid large walls, halls, churches, and arenas, their roofs are more likely to collapse and stay close to the ground. Protect your head and hide from flying debris. However, if you are driving, try to get to the nearby shelter, and drive away from the tornado at a right angle.

"Do not get caught in a car or mobile home, take shelter elsewhere, if no shelter is available, lie face down in a ditch or culvert away from the vehicle or mobile home. If the tornado seems to be standing still, it is either traveling away from you or heading right at you. Stay close to the ground, protect your head, and hide from flying debris."