Mother nature looks like she's handing out treats this year, with temperatures for door-to-door candy collection poised to be warmer than usual.

The normal high for the end of October is 5 C in Estevan. This Halloween is slated to hit 15 C during the afternoon.

It should stay warmer than usual for any trick-or-treaters, with the mercury falling from 14 C around 5 p.m. to 9 C by 8 p.m.

Wind and precipitation don't appear to be problems either. The wind will only be around 15 to 20 kilometres per hour, with no rain expected.

This Halloween will land shy of the record for the warmest October 31 in Estevan. A high of 22.2 C was recorded in 1990.

You'll want to keep your cold-weather clothing readily accessible this week, however, with just a high of -1 C forecast for Thursday. You can find the latest weather information here.