New regulations around how businesses can charge credit cards may change how much people pay at the till.

Earlier this month, a court case against credit card companies regarding service payments by customers ended in a settlement, and changed the rules around charging those payments.

Businesses are now allowed to charge up to 2.4% of the bill for credit cards, as companies send fees to those businesses for their use.

The charges don't apply broadly, as Interac debit cards, among others, don't apply to the new regulations.

For the rest, Estevan Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jackie Wall says it's not as easy as slapping a charge onto all credit cards.

"That is not as easy as it sounds, and that is not a one fit for all cards, or all payment options, so it does need to have a little bit of reading done and merchants will have to take a look at their service charges from their different credit card companies and how those apply."

Those charges are optional, though sellers may need to go through some hoops to figure out how much they can charge.

"It is optional, merchants now have the option to do it," said Wall, "However, they cannot just do a blanket 2%. They have to take a look and see what their agreement is with their credit card company, and they cannot tack on more than what they pay to their customers."

Wall encourages businesses to take a look at the regulations so they know for sure what they can charge for.

"I would encourage business owners to take a look at the requirements on the Government of Canada website, and then call their credit card service provider and make sure that they are operating according to the new legislation."

The decision to put those charges in place will be a personal decision for many, as they'll look to balance customer satisfaction and get some relief from credit card charges.

"It is another cost of doing business for business owners, and it has been a frustration for a lot of business owners, and now they do have the option to pass that on to their customers. That is going to have to be a personal decision," said Wall, "Some customers are probably not going to look so kindly on that while others will be more understanding."

Wall advises businesses that if they are passing on the charge to be very careful and consider how it will impact their customers.