Mayor Roy Ludwig made it official Friday afternoon with quite possibly the largest pair of scissors you will ever see.

The new Pedestrian Pathway Corridor that snakes its way around Estevan is now officially open for the public, which was merely a formality at this point given that much of the construction was completed earlier in the fall and residents have been using the path for a few weeks already.

Nonetheless the city held a short grand opening event on the west section of the path Friday where Ludwig cut the ribbon.

"It was probably a two-year project, we've got it condensed down to the one year," said Ludwig. "Most of the major work is now done. We're so happy about that and again we can't say enough thank-you's to our staff, they've done a tremendous job."

"Us as politicians like to take the credit, but they absolutely have done all the work, so kudos to our staff and our employees for a job well done, as well as the contractors who worked very hard to get the bulk of this work done by freeze up."

Ludwig said that the city will be mindful of closing specific sections of the pathway during the winter months.

"Where we have the fairly steep inclines, for safety reasons, we'll probably put a road block on those sections and close them off," he said.

Ludwig added that the reaction from the community has been overwhelmingly positive.

"We've had nothing but compliments. It's a great thing for our's truly a legacy project for this council and we couldn't be happier."

"I know our community will fall in love with these pathways."