A local autism advocate for Saskatchewan is hopeful that the funds given to social services in the provincial budget last week will make a real difference going forward.

Last week the province announced that $1.6 billion will be allocated to social services and assistance.

Katie Emde is an advocate who works out of Midale. She has two sons who both live with autism.

"There was a huge increase to educational assistance in our classrooms," Edme said. "And for a family like ours, that is what we want to see. That is what is needed."

"They had laid forward 200 additional EA's (educational assistants) in education," she continued. "So that kind of goes hand in hand because those with disabilities do need support in our classrooms."

She added that school divisions might simply be given the funds, and they could then allocate them to whatever areas need it the most. 

She believes the funding could also be felt in the south east and believes MLA Lori Carr has been focused on the right things.

"I think it's going to help...I think it's going to help when we're talking about the education sector, I think it's going to help when we're talking about disabilities. And I think Lori Carr played a really big part in that, about speaking up for what people were going through...mental health issues, and everything in the last two years," Emde said.

Overall, Edme believes the budget hit the mark.

"If we're adding money into social services and it is benefiting people who need support and need help, why not?," Edme said. "That is what our province should be focused on and that's what our province should be doing, and that's kind of what this budget showed...is that we were putting money into people."