An Estevan couple are doing their best to return a bundle full of lost presents to its rightful owner and recipient after they were found on the side of the highway late last week.

Shawn Pelletier said his wife Nicole noticed a big garbage bag in the ditch near Bienfait last Thursday and discovered that the bag was full of Christmas gifts.

"It was a really nice Christmas bag inside a garbage bag. She went out and grabbed it, and it had a whole bunch of presents in it for a young boy," Pelletier said. "She brought it home. We put it on all the garage sale groups for Estevan, rant and rave, we've tried everything. We've gotten dozens and dozens of responses but we can't find the right owner."

The bag contained two presents and a stocking full of Christmas goodies. It was addressed to "Jaxx" from "Grandpa and Grandma Scott."

"I was hoping we could get it to him before Christmas," Pelletier said. 

He said they'll likely donate the gifts to charity right around Christmas if they can't find who the presents belong to.

If you have any information about the presents you can call our newsroom at 306-636-6100.