The Estevan Curling Club is looking for community backing as they enter a bid to bring the 2026 Scotties to the southeast. The prestigious curling event promises to bring a boost to the local economy and to celebrate community spirit. 

“It’s an opportunity to have something just a little bit larger that will economically impact our community a little bit more and it’s good for our curling club as we expand and do different events just to change it up,” said Tyler McMillen, president of the ECC and chairperson of the Scotties Bid Committee.

He added that the ECC has hosted several successful curling events over the years, with the first one being held at Affinity Place in 2018.“We started with the Men’s Provincial Championship, and then later that season, we hosted a Curl Canada event, the Canada Cup in 2018, and then we followed up with a couple of other provincial events.”

“We get the public that comes to our provincial events; it draws from a little bit further away, and we just expect that the Scotties will attract people from across the nation because there are people who travel to these events year after year, as we saw in Calgary last year.”

The ECC announced their bid for the Scotties earlier than usual to demonstrate strong community support to Curl Canada, which they aim to showcase through a deposit drive.

“Curl Canada generally offers what we’ve seen recently as three different packages for the events. There’s an opening weekend package, a championship weekend package, and then an event pass, and the deposit goes towards one of those packages of your choice. It just kind of reserves your spot.”

He added that this will help strengthen the bid, and if they are successful, the deposit will go toward the specified package. If it is unsuccessful, the money will be refunded.

While the deposit drive is moving full steam ahead, the ECC is working with the city on specifics at Affinity Place. They have also received a lot of interest from those looking to volunteer at the event.

The initial bid will be completed in mid-August; after a review, it will be submitted in the fall, and the results will come a few months later. As that deadline approaches, McMillen said the best way the community can show support is by purchasing a ticket package.

“We just encourage them to put a deposit in as well to get a ticket package and help make this the best bid we can, win the bid, and get the Scotties here to Estevan."