temperatures are rising rapidly and are expected to peak tomorrow, getting up to 35 degrees, with a 39 on the humidex and a UV index of 10.

All of that combined definitely points to summer having started. with that, severe weather systems will also be on the horizon.

Environment Canada meteorologist Terri lang says that preparation for the scorching weather should be top of mind.

"I know it's the first beautiful weekend with really warm temperatures of the season so far, so people should get out and enjoy it, but get out and enjoy it safely. So that means avoiding the big heat of the day, seeking shade, seeking cool places where you can, ensuring you've got sunscreen on, drinking lots of water."

There's also a chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow, which will likely bring pockets of heavy rain.

Lang says a good tip is to make sure you're aware of the possibility the weather can take a turn for the worst.

"Certainly severe weather is a distinct possibility this weekend with the heat and the humidity on the way. The number one thing we always advise people is to have an awareness that severe weather is always possible. having that awareness helps you plan your activities accordingly and just knowing that you might have to pull the plug on some of those activities if severe weather does develop."

One way to know exactly what's coming your way, other than keeping an eye on the sky, is to download an app that will notify you of watches and warnings.

"Make sure that on your phone, you download an app that will push alerts to you," said Lang, "So the Weathercan app is one from Environment Canada, the Saskalert app can also push alerts to you as well, so something to keep in mind."

We'll also have any warnings here on Discover Estevan, as well as broadcast them over the radio.

Lang says the southeast is also likely to see an extreme heat warning hit the area soon.

"We're coming into this warm period and you guys are likely to see an extreme heat warning because the criteria are likely to be reached. Keeping that in mind, people should be prepared for a couple of days of heat," said Lang, "It can often take one day of heat, but when it's a couple of days of heat and we've got really warm overnight lows, the body doesn't have a chance to cool off, so take this incoming heat seriously and don't overdo it."