As we bid farewell to June, we are thrilled to unveil the entries for the June Perfect Pet Contest. This month has been a whirlwind of festivities, from the exhilarating Energy City Ex and heartwarming Father's Day celebrations to the arrival of summer's warm embrace.

Now, it's time to dive into the world of pets and explore the captivating stories and adorable photos that showcase the deep bond between humans and their furry friends.


EllieShe’s about doubled in size in the last few weeks since we got her and she likes to just drop to the ground when she’s had enough walking or playing. The thud she makes when she hits the floor, grass, carpet, or really anything- gets louder and louder!


JoviShe’s a fun loving puppy. She enjoys her bacon flavoured treats. And trying to get the cat to play with her. Her name is Jovi. She’ plays hard one min then can be sleeping fast the next.

Pasquale & Paprika

Pasquale and PaprikaPaprika is a 9 year old Chaweenie. Loves kids, and loves to lick toes or feet. She’s an awesome mom to her babies. Loves to talk. Pasquale is a 16 month old Pom/Shelti/mini Eskimo wants attention all the time. But is very smart learns quickly. Full of energy likes to play fetch.


BaileyShe is such a good cat but sometimes she can be so sassy and a beast but she mostly is sooo sweet and awesome and she loves toys and soft cat food she loves boxes.


HuxleyHuxley is a 4 month old Labrador Retriever who claims to be Chocolate but we have our doubts! He is a calm puppy who loves sleeping and chewing on outdoor toys that belong to his humans. Huxley loves meeting new dog friends but doesn’t understand why they are so noisy sometimes.

Maisy Mae

Maisy MaeMaisy is about 6 years old. She absolutely loves her people especially her families grands. She really misses them when they are away & the attached picture is how she greets new & old friends!!

Lignite Louie

Lignite LouieMiss Lignite Louie was named by my 7yr old, cause she is black like coal. Louie is a not quite year old Golden Doodle. She likes walks and laying on the deck in the sunshine.


MayaMaya likes to “try” and jump in the pool but gets too scared!


ZekeHe’s a rambunctious chocolate lab that just loves life. As long as he’s with his favorite people he’s a happy dude.


RexRex is 7 months old and the most energetic boy! He loves bones and chasing rabbits in the back yard. He loves people and walks!


RyukHe is a one-year-old tabby with a lot of personality. He is a funny cat that loves to play and chase the kids down the hallway.


LouieLouie is 9 weeks old and is full of energy. He's a miniature dachshund. He loves to eat dandelions and cardboard. He likes to play on nicely cut lawns as sometimes the small thistles will scratch his belly. He sleeps on his back like a frog but loves to cuddle up to his family.


BuffieShe is a corgi mixed with a few other breeds, she’s such a cuddly baby and she is 4 years old.


JackJack is a 9-month-old Poochon who has 2 speeds, warp and sleep. He is full of energy and love for his people. He greets everyone as though it's been FOREVER since he last saw them. He has even managed to sort of win over his 2 feline siblings, by sheer will and determination. He loves to play fetch and do the tricks he has learned. He had an adventurous streak & can't wait for his walks. Although I never wanted to be a dog Mom I am so happy to have my Jackers and wouldn't trade him for anything ❤️


StormiShe was born in a very cold winter and when she was old enough we brought her inside and now she is the queen of the house with 3 labs and her buddy our other cat Boots.


JacksonJackson is a 14-year-old paint gelding who I've owned since he was 4 years old. He's the horse I learned to ride on and he has since taught close to 100 others to ride and sparked a love of horses in hundreds more. He is part of my equine-assisted learning program at Prairie Crocus Equestrian Center and works mainly with the very young, or disabled, he's even wheelchair safe. He is also one of the main horses we use with the Browning Multiple 4-H Club. Jackson and I have a bond as I've never seen before, and I'll probably never have another horse quite as special as he is ever again. He's truly a one-in-a-million horse who has touched the lives of many.


EarlEarl is Mini Highland Steer. He is 10 months old and is the sweetest little fluffy moo around. He honestly is a grass puppy that just follows you around. He loves his scratches, cuddles, treats and momma kisses. He will bring a smile to your face every time you look at him. He is honestly the best little pal to have around the yard.♥️


KonaHello, my name is Kona and I am 8 months old I have two choc labs brother and sister Tikka and Chester and two brother and sister cats Stormi and Boots oh I am a yellow lab.


RainRain is a 16-year-old Appaloosa I have had since she was born. Last winter she spent six months in our garage after injuring herself. She was cut from mid-chest to behind her front leg and all her skin froze off so she had to be kept warm and immobile. She was such a good patient all that time. She was happy with her ocean sounds and lavender diffuser. She has always been the perfect pet and even more so after constant attention for 6 months.


JakeJake is our 25-year-old poodle mix. He moved with us to the farm 2 years ago after being a city dog all his life (we lived in Estevan). He loves all his new “Siblings” and the chickens don’t mind sharing with him and our barn cat “Me” (called after the sound she makes :-)). Jake adapted so well to farm life. He deserves to be recognized. Thanks for considering PS: the picture is called: Family Dinner.

Ferdinand (Ferdy)

Ferdinand (Ferdy)Ferdinand has the best personality. He is named after Ferdinand the Bull because he is calm, gentle and would be likely to stop and smell the flowers. He comes to me in pasture, and was a breeze to put a saddle on first time. Ferdy is super smart and retains everything he is taught. He is the best horse I could ever ask for. Happy to call him my best friend.


JAY-DJay-D is a 3 yr old bar gelding, who is very curious and loves attention. He is very smart and you have to be careful when opening doors around him cause he catches on and opens them !!!!! He really is just a big puppy !!!!! Hahahaha


DeweyDewey came to live with me on the farm 5 years ago. The grandkids love him so much and he is so gentle and patient! He truly makes this little farm a farm!


ShadowShadow has a way to always make us laugh or he is laughing at us!


SmileyMeet Smiley. He always welcomed you with a warm smile. He could instantly turn your day around. He was bottle-fed from a young age which made him even more affectionate.

Tikka and Chester & Kona

Tikka and Chester & KonaThis is our Oreo gang. Tikka and Chester are brother and sister. They are 1 and Kona is 9 months.


BaileyShe is such a good cat she loves to play with her laser and cat springs she is a female she is nice but about 50% sassy to all of us my cat likes my dad the most but my dad likes her the least she is so cute when she meows and is begging for treats she likes soft cat food and I love her so much.


SamWe rescued Sam from under a Building it took all day for him to trust me and now he is our shop cat at the town of Lampman shop. We love him and he has spoiled he wouldn’t have lasted if we wouldn’t of rescued him.


BellaBella luvs to come to work with me loves being in the boat fishing and just all around luv’s being around me


TitanTitan is almost 5 yrs old we adopted him when he was 1, and he was found running down a highway scared and alone. He is a loving, loyal dog that has come leaps and bounds since getting him.


ArnieArnie is a 1yr old border collie X. He is a sweet boy who can’t get enough affection from his family or enough time playing fetch!


CocoCoco is our COVID kitty. We picked her out at the Estevan Humane Society and she just fit right into our family. She is cuddly and cute and just the best little sister to her grumpy brother Boots. And as you can see from her photo, she is my motivational kitty to help me get up and complete my morning workout. Who can resist some yoga and stretching with her cute face by my side?


TeddyTeddy is the most cuddly, affectionate dog I’ve ever met! He is most happy when Dad is home or eating a good steak for dinner.


ChiliHe’s our smiley, funny, sweet rescue that is pretty much every breed in existence. But he has all of the BEST qualified every green in his DNA. We love him to pieces.


MayaMaya loves her Dad, and likes to follow him around everywhere!


WillowWillow loves to go on adventures with her dad, she loves to explore but will always stop to make sure he is coming and not leaving her! They are each others running buddies and Dad is her favourite person to play fetch with!


StellaStella’s very timid of new, noisy things. But sweet as can be!!! When she is with her trusted family she will brave even a golf cart!


RemiRemi is a 3-year-old miniature dachshund. She’s full of life and love. Loves to play with her toy ball for hours. She loves to snuggle but has to be as close to you as possible.


LokiLoki is our orange floof as we call him. He is a loveable little boy that enjoys having a conversation with you, especially when it is food time! He is cuddly and has to have his daily belly rubs and not be disturbed during his bird-watching time. He provides constant entertainment even when he is sleeping and is an all-around amazing cat.


LunaLuna is a sweet, but mighty gal. She is an absolute goof and makes us laugh each day. We also love her for her hard work in training, her zoomies, and her kindness toward other people & pups!


PerciePercie is our perfect bearded dragon. She is 9 months old. She is named after Percy from Thomas the Tank Engine ( by my 3 yo son); just spelt differently. She loves to sit and lounge in our bay windows or hang out on the dining room table and eat lunch with her boys. She is very content to sit and enjoy story time when my son reads to her or plays with toys. Raspberries are her favourite food.


CarlFrenchton cute little playfully little guy...


CooperCooper is a very active pug mix. He catches the frisbee with great athleticism. He is a real character; likes to “talk” when he plays. It’s rare to see him sit still; but I did get this funny pic of him “wearing” a gnome hat!


RainyVery sweet little girl once she warms up to you.


VictoriaA few years ago Victoria was a stray that had kittens in our yard . Now she's a happy spoiled loved cat . This is her playing with her little bird friend that comes to visit ( torment ) her.

Sadie Marie

Sadie MarieMy Sadie is such a helpful adorable little dog she's 6 months old and she keeps me on my feet she loves to run dig holes and most of all she gives you kisses every time she gets a chance.

As we conclude the June Perfect Pet Contest, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the participants who gave us a chance to get to know their pets.

Tomorrow morning after the 8 AM News, Dawn Klassen from All Creatures will announce the winner. 

Their prize will include $50 gift cards to both All Creatures and Rodeo Dawg!