Estevan MLA Lori Carr is praising the group of 55 local people who received Platinum Jubilee Medals Thursday night for outstanding contributions to their province and country.

"It was just truly amazing to see all of those people from our communities that just step up and go over and above to help people out and spare their time for their communities and for other people," Carr said.

All of the people who were honoured are from the Estevan constituency. Carr handed out 40 medals, the City of Estevan gave out 10, and the Estevan Police Service awarded five.

Susan ColbowSusan Colbow was one of the 55 recipients. (Photo supplied by Lori Carr.)

Carr said she was involved in the air cadets program and had a personal connection to a couple of the recipients.

"Ruth and Richard Marcotte were there, and they're people that have worked really hard with the youth in Estevan, and have just been there for maybe kids that wouldn't have a chance, and took them to the program," Carr said. "These people have become leaders in their communities."

Carr said more medals could have easily been handed out.

"We had 55 recipients, and we easily could have probably given out 200 medals," she said. "It was really hard to decide who gets and who doesn't. But we have such a great community, that we could have easily handed out more."

Overall, Carr said it was a special night to share with the recipients and their families.

"It was so nice to see people when they came up and got their awards, they truly appreciated being honoured," she said. "And these are the people that don't normally like to be recognized for the work that they do, so it was really special."