While the agriculture sector has been hit hard by flooding this spring, the wet weather is also impacting another industry.

With all of the moisture in the ground, oil well leases have been hard to install, according to one man who works as a heavy equipment operator in the Lampman and Steelman area.

"It's terrible...a little bit of moisture is okay in the soil but once you get too much, you just can't do anything," said Brian Kyle, who operates caterpillars and graders. "You can't work with the soil. It's the same as if it rained an inch, you wouldn't go into your garden and try to pull the weeds out...it's just muck."

Kyle builds the leases, which serve as a platform for the rig to sit on in order to drill the well.

"When you're trying to build a lease, it can't be too wet because once you level out the clay...clay holds moisture, so the rig would never be able to move on to it," he said. "So it has to be dry enough for the rig to sit on it.

Kyle said these less than ideal conditions have prevented his crew from working consecutive days.

"We work one or two days and then get three or four off and then work a couple and get a day...terrible."

Kyle said the upcoming hot weather will help, however a prolonged heat wave would not be ideal.

"A little moisture is good too," he said. You know it's nice to have a little rain here and there because last year we were trying to build leases and it was so dry that when you tried to move the clay and move the top soil and stuff it was just like pushing flour it was so dry."

"We've just had too much (moisture) this year. It would be comparable to back in 2011 when we had all that rain and snow."

Even with all the challenges, Kyle said there isn't a shortage of leases and that his company, Tundra Oil & Gas, has found a work around.

"If everything's too wet, they mat them. They're big wooden jigsaw puzzles and the rig will just sit on that. But still, you don't want it too wet because even with the matting they'll still sink, so you still have to be careful," he said. "I mean it could be wetter yet...we're still building leases. It's just really frustrating."

"It's slowing us down. We could be working every day."