A man was told to watch his driving behaviour after the Estevan RCMP and Estevan Police Service acted on a report of an impaired driver Wednesday night.

EPS Sgt. Tyler McMillen said the RCMP received the complaint and alerted City police as the vehicle in question was approaching town.

"We were able to intercept that vehicle on the edge of the city... He was checked on our equipment for testing and he passed everything."

McMillen said police are continuing to investigate a pair of mischief calls that came up during the night shift.

One investigation is into an early-evening complaint of a vehicle that appeared to be keyed.

The other is into a call from the early-morning hours of Tuesday of a loud vehicle leaving the 400-to-500 block area of 2nd Street after a loud bang.

McMillen said the bang sounded similar to something being thrown against a garage door. He said they have a suspect in mind.

Police also responded to a 9-1-1 call where the caller said it was a misdial in the northeast part of town.

"Police members did attend as we check into these types of situations," said McMillen. "It was a domestic situation taking place. Both parties were spoken to. Different services were offered to help them out. Nothing criminal had occurred and more or less trying to assist them with stuff that's happening in their lives."