For a few years, the Estevan and Weyburn police forces have been combining efforts for a police team that can handle high-stress situations.

The Joint Tactical Support Team was made to provide police with support for what can become dangerous situations.

Over the few years they've been working in the two cities, they've had plenty of opportunities to show off their abilities.

Sergeant Trevor Roberts is a member of the JTST while being a part of the Estevan Police's Criminal Investigation Unit.

He says that the team helps solve situations that might be too much for a regular patrol officer.

"Our tactical team, we train for a lot of different possibilities that could come up in [Estevan] or Weyburn, it is a joint tactical team made up of the members of the Estevan and Weyburn police services. The training that we deal with is anything over and above the typical capabilities of a patrol officer."

Some of the examples he gives include areas with a lot of violence or weapons or people who are barricaded in a building or have a hostage.

As they train more, Roberts says that the team is progressing further and further as to how they can deal with more situations.

"We've been established for a few years, and I think that absolutely we're certainly progressing in our capabilities in what and how we're able to deal with any situation that arises."

Having the team manage two cities has given them a lot of potential members to select from, which Roberts says has been a help.

"To have our pool of potential members of the tactical teams come from both cities, we're certainly doing the best service for both cities by having the most suitable people who are the best fit for a team such as this."