The southeast and Saskatchewan as a whole could see a bucking of trends this year as June looks to regain some of the moisture not seen in recent years.

With dry summers dogging farmers the last couple years, a return to summer moisture could help feed crops ahead of harvest this fall.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang says that so far, June has been fairly average with just under 20 millimetres coming down in the past four days.

"June is the wettest month, so running now for a total of about 34.4mm and probably going to get more than that. So you guys have been running a little bit dryer than some of the other stations, other stations have gotten more in Saskatchewan so far this June."

Compared to the last few years we're already ahead of some of the driest Junes with more time left to get higher amounts.

"Last year there was 32.5mm in June, the year before that, 51.7mm, 2021, 75.8mm, and the real wet year recently was in 2018 when there was 136.2mm," said Lang. "
Of course, we still have half the month to go, so lots of room to make that up."

Lang says that producers and anyone looking for a bit more moisture should hope that this June breaks us out of the drier periods we've seen.

"That's the way it's been trending for a lot of Saskatchewan. Keeping you know, our fingers crossed, we don't want too much, but it'd be nice to kind of bring up those soil moisture levels after a couple of dry years."