Envision Counselling and Support Centre is grateful for the support they received from the community after this year's 50/50 For a Cause brought in more than $30,000.

"Just so thankful for the community support through out the southeast, it really means a lot to us," said Envision Executive Director Lynda Rideout. "And having the opportunity to work with the radio station also gives us the ability to reach more people so that they understand who we are and what we do and how we can provide support for them, so that's been great."

This year's fundraiser brought in a total of $33,390, which was a higher total than the last few years. Half of that money, $16,695, will go towards Envision's programming.

"We have a variety of programs that we offer, and none of our government funding supports us for all of the things that we do," Rideout said. "So this really goes into the general pool to help us be able to continue doing all of the programming that we do."

"We were surprised that we came out higher than we have for the past few years. It's been really great and a lot of fun," she added.

Reg Hookenson of Lampman is the lucky winner this year. He will also receive $16,695.