A curling team from the Lampman Curling Club has won the Saskatchewan High School Mixed Provincial Curling Championships.

The rink skipped by Mathias Fornwald, with third Sydney Willock, second Tye Farnsworth, lead Jamie Johnson, and alternate Jayden Fleck beat the team from Hanley 5-3 in the final Saturday night. The event was held in Hanley, Sask., which is close to Saskatoon.

"Our team has been building this for a numbers of years, anticipating that we would do well at provincials," said coach Dawn Willock, who teaches at Lampman School. "The kids were very confident, great sportsmanship, played well, knew what they wanted to do, and came out on top."

Next year, Lampman will be hosting mixed provincials, and the entire team is eligible to return for another year.

"They were very successful in juniors in boys and girls and mixed...these kids have been curling since they've been like four to six years old," Willock said. "They've been involved in curling most of their life, all of their life. And their parents are all curlers...so they didn't really have a choice," she laughed.

The mixed provincials was the last event on the high school curling calendar for the Lampman team. Willock said the community is very proud of their young curlers.

"It shows dedication, it shows commitment, it shows good sportsmanship, skill," she said. "How proud our school, community, parents, classmates all are that they represented us right to the top."

A Lampman team had never won a gold medal in provincial curling prior to this year. The trophy will be kept at the Lampman Curling Club for the next year and will be on display at next year's championship.

Lampman curlersPhoto supplied by Dawn Willock.