With the City of Estevan coordinating Fall Clean Sweep this weekend, homeowners are likely thinking about tending to their yards before the snow flies.

Brant Kersey, co-owner of Pride Upkeep Ltd. in Estevan, says it's a busy time of year for his business.

"It (the clean sweep) kind of gives people the idea that 'oh it's time to clean up.' Leaf pick up, and getting your yard in shape, getting rid of anything like that. We get a lot of calls right around this time to help with the fall clean up, that's for sure."

Kersey detailed the kind of yard work that gets done at this time of year.

"We do a lot of fall fertilization and lawn aerating at this time of year," he said. "And people are starting to blow out their in-ground sprinklers to try to get all of the lines cleared out so they don't freeze up and wreck their sprinkler heads and lines. So we do a lot of that as well as leaf vaccing (vacuuming), which is also a popular option that we give out."

Kersey also provided some tips for homeowners who want to maintain their lawns.

"If you want a healthy lawn, a fall fertilization is always a good idea. Either a spring or fall aerating is always recommended to allow the moisture to get in through the top of the soil melt and into the root," Kersey said.

"Leaf vaccing is a really popular option and it's something that should be done in the spring, but a lot of people wait for the fall. If you leave the leaves on your lawn through out the winter, it actually suffocates the lawn, and it's sort of a blanket that doesn't allow oxygen to get through to the roots. And you need the oxygen into the roots to keep them nice and healthy for the spring," he said.

"So doing your fall lawn vaccing and lawn clean up to make sure the grass is clean and bare is always a good thing."

Kersey added that the city-run Fall Clean Sweep is a good initiative that residents should get involved with.

"To help beautify the city...it just brings property values (up). When people come to the city through out the summer, through out the spring and fall...we do have a lot of beautiful streets with a lot of older trees, mature trees that shed their leaves, and to help clean it up, you know your neighbours will appreciate it, as much as anyone that's travelling through," he said.

"Taking part in the fact that they do pick up leaves and they offer the free landfill..it's a wonderful initiative to help keep the city looking good."