MLAs across Saskatchewan are looking to pass some legislation they believe will help the province as the new spring sitting has begun.

The period, which is set to last until the middle of May, will have legislators focus on a variety of bills and acts that the government wishes to pass.

Estevan MLA Lori Carr details what the government will be focused on this spring.

"So far, it's been pretty, I guess traditional is what I would say. The typical questions that go back and forth in the house. But really looking forward to some legislation that's going to be getting passed in the house during this session, the Saskatchewan First Act and the Saskatchewan Firearms Act are two of note, and also looking forward to the budget that will be coming down fairly shortly."

The Saskatchewan First Act and the Saskatchewan Firearm Act are both already partway through the process and people are likely to hear more about them soon.

"Those two bills have both been presented in the house. They're in debate right now, they're going to go to committee really shortly, which is where really most of the conversation will take place," said Carr, "Specific questions about the bills so that's really where everything's going to get fleshed out."

In addition, legislators are able to meet with one another to discuss ongoing issues, with healthcare seeming to be a big one so far.

"Stuff that's really top of mind right now is healthcare, that's why we brought out the four-point plan to help recruit, incentivize, retain workers for the province of Saskatchewan," said Carr, "We're actively working on that, recruiting people and really trying to get them into those rural seats, seats that are hard to fill."

There'll also be some topics related to Estevan, as work on the proposed new nursing home will move forward.

"Right now there's a study taking place with regards to feasibility for the new nursing home that has been announced," said Carr, "That there have been dollars already put into the budget for. So just looking forward to that planning taking place next year and actually getting on with the building two years later."