When looking at the Souris River as it winds its way through Weyburn, one could think that the river is close to spilling over the banks. This is due to a higher-than-normal snowpack, and an above-normal runoff. However, the Water Security Agency isn’t expecting anything too drastic to happen. 

“We’re not expecting anything that's going to cause a problem, per se, in that area and we’ve been out and inspected a lot of those spots within the city, too,” explained Patrick Boyle with the WSA. In fact, the spring runoff report released earlier this month by the WSA indicated we would be seeing an above-normal runoff in the Weyburn area, which, when compared to the water levels we have seen in the region over the past few years, makes things look a lot more dire than they really are.  

“What you see is kind of the drastic change from the last year or two where we didn’t get a whole lot of flows during spring run-off – just the dry conditions,” Boyle added. 

The forecast released by the WSA on March 1st indicates the flow of the Souris River, at its peak this spring will be around average, with the water levels on Nickle Lake, which is fed by the Souris, being around normal.