Eighty golfers took advantage of the good weather as they took to the greens for the Lions Club's 29th annual golf tournament in support of CNIB and to raise money for a new sign at Rusty Duce Park.

“We’re going to put permanent rink boards there, so that we can use it all year round, and the cost of that is $130,000,” said Nancy Brodeur, Estevan Lions Club treasurer.

She said this addition to the park will allow them to run sports all year round.

“It will let us do volleyball in the summertime and then ice in the winter. So, it can be an all-around facility instead of just a two- or three-month facility.”

The event brought in around $7000 dollars with the highlight being the blind hole, which is an annual part of the event.

“The CNIB comes down and every golfer is blindfolded, and they all seem to really enjoy that. Then we give a prize out for the longest drive.”

With enthusiastic participation and community spirit, the event continues to make a meaningful impact for CNIB and Rusty Duce Park.