The Saskatchewan Country Music Awards were held over the weekend, and it has taken a few days for two-time winner Teagan Littlechief to process winning both Female Artist and Indigenous Artist of the Year.

As for winning the awards, she said that she was shocked to get the win for Indigenous Artist of the Year.

“When they called my name, it took me a couple of seconds to soak in what they had said and I'm like oh my god, I didn’t even really plan a speech.”

Littlechief added that it was similar for the Female Artist of the Year, as she was up against a lot of great talent from across the province. She added that it took her a few moments to realize what was happening. The moment was extra special as she was supported by her mother, son, stepfather, and manager.

“I think it was their scream, like they’re cheering that kind of brought me back to reality.”

As she took the stage, she noted that she tried her best to stay composed, as winning Female Artist of the Year was something she had been dreaming about for many years.

“I’m just very thankful for the fans. I’m very thankful and grateful for my team that have worked with me, all the songwriters,” said Littlechief. “I really hope this is kind of a gateway for our First Nations people or anybody to get involved in country music.”

Following the awards ceremony, she opted for some much-needed family time with her son, as they enjoyed some take-out and celebrated back at the hotel.

Prior to the ceremony, Littlechief had the chance to connect with other artists from across the province. She noted that she can’t get over how much talent there is within the province. It also allowed her to meet her manager in person for the first time, which was an amazing experience.

Nearly a week later she says the whole experience seems surreal.  The songstress is now looking forward to touring around the province, continuing to celebrate her love of country music. She will be featured at events such as Country Thunder in the Songwriter Showcase.