Local woman, Colesey Goetz, owns gluten-free and alternative baking business Urban Icing. Though Goetz grew up in the area, she has just recently moved back to her hometown along with her tasty treats. 

As Remembrance Day approaches we take this time to remember those who fought for our freedom. This year, Urban Icing will be selling "Cookies for a Cause" in support of our veterans who struggle with homelessness. 50% of all the proceeds are going towards the Leave the Streets behind fundraiser at our local legion. 

Listen to or watch the full interview with Colesey Goetz and Macie Rae from Sun102 for information on where you can get your hands on these cookies and support a great cause. Stay tuned until the end of the interview for a special announcement! 

Urban Icing Instagram: @Urbanicing.sk 

Urban Icing Facebook page: Urbanicing_sk