Though the green diamonds of baseball might just be a memory with all the snow on the ground, Baseball Sask recently gave away an award to commemorate who they're calling this year's best coach.

Blair Beck, from Carnduff, won the 2021 Baseball Sask Coach of the Year award, which was announced yesterday.

One of his biggest coaching projects this year was the U15 AAA Southeast A's, a team that based itself in Alameda and pulled in players from around the area.

That team went on to complete the season with a 17-5 record, and also took home the league championship.

Beck says that the team was a pretty rewarding one to coach.

"We had a pretty successful team in Alameda, we had some really good players that were really keen to be there and really excited to learn, and just really good to coach."

He gave out some advice to other coaches, which focuses on making sure both you and the players are having fun.

"My main piece of advice is to enjoy it. Enjoy it as a coach, make the game enjoyable for the player, put in the work to try to make your practices the best you can, and make it so that the kids have fun and want to come back and play ball again next year. That's ultimately our main goal as a coach, and success will follow if you do those things."

While the congratulation he's gotten so far has been pretty nice, Beck says that the season couldn't have gone as well without help from a few others.

"Really nice to get the amounts of texts and calls and messages from people congratulating me for this. it's been very nice in that regard but it's still the kind of thing that takes a whole big approach. It's kind of weird that my assistant coaches don't get any credit, or probably more importantly my family who puts up with me being gone all the time for that."

Beck says he's pretty excited to get back into the dugout in 2022.