Two fire fighters in Estevan are preparing for a challenge that hundreds from around North America will be challenging, and all for a good cause. Lincoln Empey and Justin Charron will be traveling to Calgary in May for the Fire Fighter Stair Climb Challenge in support of Wellspring Calgary. The event raises money and awareness for firefighters and others living with cancer.

"I've had a lot of people in my life that have battled cancer so it's hit me at home," says Lincoln Empey. "I had a fire fighter friend in Medicine Hat that is going to do it and I thought that this is something I'd like to try out and challenge myself with."

The assent up BOW Tower in Calgary is 1,204 steps, a full 55 stories, 775 feet tall, and the two will be climbing up the tower in their full fire gear. The record from last year's climb is 11:03, so there is some competitive aspects, but the two from Estevan are going purely for the challenge, and to raise awareness. Each person coming to compete has to raise a minimum of $200 to do so.

"I've shared it on my Facebook account, and also if you go to Wellspring Calgary, you can type in my name there, or you can just donate to the cause as well."

Wellspring Calgary is a non for profit that helps provide care to people diagnosed with cancer, and while the money raised is donated directly to their support centre, they also pass out some of the funds raised to the Firefighters Assistance Charitable Society (FACS), which provides funds and service to firefighters in a few different ways, whether it be mental or physical support.

You can donate towards the cause and support both of Estevan's firefighters by following the link below.