The Saskatchewan government is reminding motorists to watch for construction zones when hitting the highways for the long weekend.

There are a few spots in the southeast part of the province where you are likely to encounter workers.

A few minutes west of Estevan on Highway 18, crews are repairing surface breaks and rough road with broken pavement, according to the province's Highway Hotline.

The province's weekly highway construction report lists Highways 18 and 39 among those getting work done. That includes "about 105 km of crack sealing in the Estevan area" between late May and the end of September. Delays are expected to be minor with single-lane traffic and reduced speed.

Highway 8 just south of Moosomin has a culvert failure listed on the Highway Hotline. Caution is advised in that area.

"We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend," Highways Minister Jeremy Cockrill said. "By slowing down and obeying signage in work zones we can ensure that drivers and workers all get home safely at the end of each day." 

The province urges drivers to obey all signs and obey all flag persons in work zones, and slow to 60 kph - regardless of whether workers are present. Work zones can contain tough-to-see hazards, such as sharp pavement drops or loose stones.

Fines for speeding are tripled when workers are present. They start at $210, increasing by $3 for every kilometre per hour over the limit, up to a speed of 90 kph, then rise $6 per kilometre an hour past 90. Speeding through a work zone at 100 kph results in a fine of $450 and an $80 victim surcharge, totalling $530.