While the final home game of the season may not have ended in a fairy tale victory for the Bruins, the crowd witnessed a heartwarming moment as Shawn King took the opportunity to surprise his longtime girlfriend Chantelle Carlson with a romantic proposal during the second period.

With all eyes on them, the stadium erupted in cheers as the proposal unfolded on the kiss cam, capturing the occasion for fans and viewers. 

Couple gets engaged on kiss cam

Expressing their love for both each other and the game, the newly engaged couple revealed that attending Bruins games has been their favourite date night activity for the past 2-3 years, making the timing and location of the proposal a perfect fit.

Despite suspecting a proposal might be in the works, Carlson was taken completely by surprise. King said he had been planning the moment for about a month, expressing his delight that everything came together so perfectly.