Lynd Crescent will be the focus of the city's construction crews this summer as a project to change out the street's water main is set to begin next month.

Starting July 4th, city workers will dig up the road and replace the water main with old cast iron pipes being replaced by PVC pipes.

That work is expected to take six to eight weeks to replace the water main, with another six weeks to put a new road and sidewalk in.

The new sidewalk, which previously wasn't on Lynd, is part of the policy of adding a sidewalk whenever there's new road construction in an area.

Shane Bucsis, the water manager for Estevan, says the project will be the biggest one of the summer for the city.

They'll still be looking for anything big to do once the cost and budget come in after the work.

"This will be our main project this year," said Bucsis, "We'll see how long this takes and what the budget is and we'll take a look to see if we can do anything else at the end of the year."

Homeowners might also be able to get a bit of extra work done, at a discounted price.

Since the road will already be torn up, Bucsis says a sewer upgrade might be in some people's interest.

"This is a great time to get a sewer inspection done because we will be opening up the road. If residents want to get that inspection done call 634-1800 and you get a free camera inspection," said Bucsis, "Then if your sewer does need to be replaced now's the time because you'll see some cost savings because we are opening up the road."