May can be an important month in Saskatchewan, as farmers and construction crews look for clear skies.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang talks about the stats for the month of May which seemed to be remarkably average.

"The average high for the month was 11.1° and comparing that to the third-year average of 11.5°, it was just slightly below average so about .4° below average and that put it to the middle of the pack of the pack. When you went to do the rankings 53rd out of 110, so not really neither warmer nor colder."

"With respect to precipitation, there was 51.8mm compared to the average of 56.2 so about 92 per cent of average and that's once again put it kind of in the middle of the pack for the rankings, 50th out of 111 years of record."

The amount of rain that came in was also split between occasional small systems and one big bit of rain.

"May was a wet month all the way across for the province, so lots of folks came in above average. It kind of came in dribs and drabs, with the wettest day being May 7, when 30.8mm fell, so probably just over half fell that one day. The rest kind of came in blips and blops." 

One notable exception to an average month was in severe weather, with Lang saying the measurements showed a calm month.

It was very quiet with respect to severe weather in May and the lightning counts were also down compared to average as well, so that tracks for both of those."