Estevan residents came together yesterday to help raise money for a children's hospital at the local McDonald's through McHappy Day.

Proceeds from all sales go towards the Saskatoon Ronald Mcdonald House, which helps kids and families through medical troubles.

Christine Jenish, co-owner and co-operator of the Estevan McDonald's, says the work the House does is very important.

"We are very fortunate that we end up having the Ronald McDonald House members come down the day of McHappy Day to get to interact with our customers and spread the word about the great work that the Ronald McDonald House does. This year we had Rory Tatarnic, who was a young woman who has spent some time at the House, and so she was able to be on-site, which was wonderful for us to get to meet her and know her."

They ended up raising nearly $8,000 from the community through the day.

"Through the community support and the efforts of our staff working really, really hard yesterday we raised a total of $7987.26," said Jenish, "So we certainly would like to pass on our congratulations and our sincere thank you to the community for coming through yesterday and making it a huge success for us and for the Ronald McDonald House in Saskatoon." 

Jenish says that Estevan has always been generous whenever a cause is looking for help.

"I can honestly say we have been doing this for a number of years and the community has always come through for us just like they do for any other community event. Estevantonians are amazing when it comes to helping different organizations and charities needing to raise some money."