Congratulations to Moxie, the charming winner of our April Perfect Pet Contest! This 9-week-old bundle of joy is a Pomeranian x Miniature American Eskimo x Klee Kai mix, bringing boundless energy and affection to her loving owner, Stacie.

In her original entry, Stacie shared that Moxie joined their family over Easter weekend and has since been thriving on the farm alongside her larger canine companions. Moxie's playful nature knows no bounds, as she eagerly interacts with everyone around her, especially the farm cats. With a dedicated owner like Stacie, Moxie has been diligently honing her training skills, already mastering commands like "sit" and "down" with "stay" soon to follow.

From Moxie's endearing antics to her quick progress in training, it's clear that she has stolen Stacie's heart and become an integral part of their family. Find out what else Stacie had to say with her full interview below.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Stacie and Moxie for winning the April Perfect Pet Contest. Make sure you enter your pet to be our next winner in May and stand a chance to win $50 gift cards to both All Creatures and Rodeo Dawg, just like Stacie and Moxie did!