As we reach the end of a beautiful, yet wet and wild month of May, it's time to showcase the amazing pets who have been entered into our Perfect Pet Contest. This month brought a delightful variety of furry-friends hoping to win your hearts.


JaxJax is a rescue we adopted him when he was about 8 months old. He’s a mix of all sorts of breeds. Loves cuddles and playing outside


TillyTilly was adopted from Prairie Sky Dog Rescue at around 8 weeks. She is a big lover, loves to give lots of sloppy kisses. Absolutely adores the grandchildren and always wants to join in on their fun.

Ireland aka Teeny

IrelandTeeny is a 2 year old tabby cat. She loves her cuddles with people as well with her sibilings. She has a super goofy personality that goes along with her. We got Teeny from an animal shelter when she was just 7 months old. The shelter then informed us that she was found on the streets. ???? When we first saw Teeny in the shelter we just fell in love with her, like love at first sight. From that moment we just knew that she should come home with us.


TankMeet Tank. He’s a purebred miniature dachshund and will be 2 years old this spring. He was given the name “Tank” after my dad who passed away in 2009. He doesn’t necessarily look like a “Tank” on the outside but he bears the name as tank also speaks loyalty, and protection. He is snuggly, stubborn, silly, sweet, smart and always ready to stand up for his family. Day to day he’s like a little kid who needs your constant attention and wants to know everything you are doing.

Ellie ans her kittens

Ellie ans her kittensI found Ellie as a stray at my work. After a few weeks I was able to catch her. Turns out she was pregnant and she had 5 beautiful kittens. The prize would go to buying them supplies until they are old enough to go to their forever homes.


RonaldRonny loves the spotlight. He has to be the centre of attention at all times, and if he’s not being pet he’ll stare you down or give you a tap on the mouth. He’s even got an instagram to showcase his day to day. He’s outgoing and will play with anyone. He’s a derpy looking dog with a lot of heart and even more tongue.


RiverRiver is a 10 month old baby, she loves to play and sit at the window looking at birds, she has random burst of energy in the middle of the night, she loves people and loves to be cuddled.


SallySally is a lazy cat compared to her little sister who is very energetic. She is 11 years old and cubby. She is an adorable kitty but doesn’t like to be picked up or cuddled. Sally would prefer to sit by you while you pet her, however she will lay on you if she comes to you.


DrakeHe’s a purebred chocolate lab. Loves going for swims and side by side rides. He is 8 years old.


TriggerMy GSP is a wonderful hunting dog, smart and always friendly.


WaltWalt is a 5year old Australian Shepherd. He is a loyal companion and the best addition to our family.
Arnie, Yeti & IzzyArnie is a 2year old Border Collie X. He LOVES playing ball. Yeti is a 5 year old Jack Russell X - he likes walks and napping on the couch with his humans. Izzy is a 3 year old short hair calico - she loves to tease the dogs and jump in/out our house windows when the screens are off.


NevilleNeville is a gentle loving puppy dog. He lags made our house a home and gives us so much laughter. In the picture he was growling at the dragon fly lights as I turned them off and on.


GigiGigi is a female Morkipoo 3 1/2 months old & weighs 1lb 15oz. She is very smart & playful. She has taken over the house from my 16yr old cat who runs away from her!!


KyaKya is miniature schnauzer , just about 2 years old in July . Kya loves playing with her rubber chickens .


PumpkinPumpkin is a 9 year old short hair orange tabby cat that loves to be lazy, but he will always have time to snuggle.

Stay tuned as we prepare to announce the winner tomorrow morning in the 8 o'clock hour on SUN 102 with Dawn Klassen from All Creatures. The lucky winner will receive $50 gift cards to both All Creatures and Rodeo Dawg.