An exciting opportunity has come about for country singer Micah Walbum, originally from Forget, who has changed her artist name to Micah Ruth.

The 19-year-old said as she gets more and more serious about her music, she wanted to make it easier for people to remember her name. 

"My first name really is unique on its own, but going with the first name and middle name might be something interesting to use," she said, noting her middle name is also her maternal grandmother's first name.

The opportunity is called, 'Opening Act', a worldwide musical artist competition through an online service, Audacy

"It's something that I just saw online, and lately, everything I see, I'm just entering it because I'm trying to get myself more out there, so I didn't really know what I was getting into, but once I got in, I realized it's all public voting based," she shared. "So the community is the judges."

The winner who gets the most votes throughout each level of the competition, which is submitted virtually until the finals, will perform as the opening act for Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, and One Republic in New York City at the iconic Prudential Center arena on October 14th for Audacy's We Can Survive benefit concert. 

"There are five groups, and tonight we find out who gets into the top five of each, and then after another week, they decide the top five of all five groups together," she explained. "So it's the first-place winner of each group. Then the semifinals are the top four of all the groups, and then the finals are determining the first place winner, and the first place winner gets $10,000 and a chance to perform in New York City, October 14th."

You can find the link to vote HERE. You can choose a free daily vote, or help out with the cause from this link.

Micah noted, the free votes only count toward each level of the competition, so as she passes through to the next round, voters need to vote once again.

"Just a free daily vote, every day, would make an incredible difference for me,' she encouraged. "The more I get it out there, the better chances I have for sure."

She added she has performances booked around southern Saskatchewan on her own and with Justin LaBrash, for whom she plays the fiddle. Those shows include Kenosee Lake this weekend and the Whitewood Rodeo.

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