People gathered in the heart of Estevan's downtown over the weekend for the Miracle on 4th Street, an event showing off some of Estevan's goods.

With the 1100 and 1200 blocks of 4th street blocked off, Estevan residents were free to check out what the Downtown Business Association had to offer.

Chairperson Laurel Buck says the event went well.

"I think it went very, very well. I heard from other businesses, they thought it was a success. I think the hay rides were a huge hit - there was always a huge line there - and it sounds like the [Estevan Lions Club] served a lot of hot chocolate and hot dogs."

The outdoor event was helped out by another stroke of good luck, being the second year in a row with great weather.

"I think we were really lucky this year and last year. If it would have been the weekend before or next weekend it wouldn't have been so nice," said Buck, "But it was just a beautiful day for it."

Buck says many of the businesses were thrilled with the event, with many local faces showing up.

Some new events may be in order next year so that the older event-goers have something to do.

"One thing we've heard is people want activities for the adults next year. Who knows, we might have something where we go back to the winter festival that was here years and years ago with the mail-driving contests and beard-growing contests and all those types of things," said Buck, "That could be fun too. Get the adults in on the fun."

Buck thanked everyone who came out to the event, along with all of those who helped to organize it.